Gulf to Bay City

MuRal PRoject Concept

With CRA

Rendering Rough Draft Only 

Still Waiting on

Approval of acceptance from

City of Clearwater - CRA

Call to ARtists

Requested Choice LocaTion

6000 SquaRe Feet. All 4 sides Of Building

My goal is to create a wrap around mural of past & present of Clearwater.

I see this as an opportunity to encompass the creativeness of lots of art students and other artists in the community working together while keeping the Integrity and quality of a professional mural for the city intact.


Doing this as a group of artists all together builds community pride while giving young artists practical experience and a chance to work and learn from professional artists.

I see my role as coordinating with the CRA, building owner, to come up with a working concept and bring it to life.  See that it gets executed on time and within budget while involving other community members interested in helping with the project.

701 FRankLin St.




             SiDe 30'X'20


 Side view








Here is a potential design
For each side

EaStSiDe 120'X'20

I wish to highlight five buildings of relevance to both history and current day activities. These include the courthouse to represent government, post office for civil service, South Ward Elementary for schools, Wilson Theater to represent the arts, and Spectrum Field for sports.

WestSiDe 120'X'20

Moccasin Lake Park depicting different kinds of trees, foliage, and animals found around the Clearwater area.

potential designs

for North & South ends







Beach scene.jpg

The process of creating art is only a small part of the whole. Its real worth, and Petrina’s purpose in her diverse mediums of work, is to convey a message of our spirituality and humanity through several facets: color (and its beauty), texture, and motion.

petrina has created works from coast-to-coast, for residential, commercial and public access projects. She has worked with individuals, architects, custom builders & their construction teams, school authorities and city officials to bring their visions to life. She also has custom pieces in a privately owned museum in Phoenix, Arizona. 

     petrina is constantly exploring within her chosen mediums of oil, acrylic and glass to create new art.


petrina believes that art is its own language. It’s a communication from the artist’s created work to the viewer’s emotional experience.

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"Bringing Your Vision to Life"

Petrina Sharp specializes in Custom Oil & Acrylic paintings.
She custom designs each

order by working with the interior designers, architects and patrons.

Contact Petrina for further questions or a Commission request 

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