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Leonardo da Vinci

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LimeStone Glass Shower

Blue Texture 1.jpeg

This private residence was seeking something unique to them. They love their horse property and asked me to include favorite spots around the home so they would see them first thing in the shower. Lime stone painted and then installed in the shower. 

Blue Texture 1.jpeg

LArge Bowl of Berries.

This mural is part of the city of Ventura's public art inventory. One of 25 bus stop panel murals that rotate through the city's bus stop shelters

Here is is the city's direct link to this project:

StreetScape project, Ventura CA

Alpine Skate Park, Ventura, CA

Sienna Orange - Textured.jpeg

I was a part of a team of artists that worked on the alpine skate park in Ventura. Sadly the business changed hands a couple of times and then went out of business. 

Orange Texture 1.jpeg

Toscana West

Retail store

This mural was above the cash register in a

Italian furniture and all-things-Tuscan store eventually the building was bought by a realty company and the mural was torn down to expose the original brick behind the mural ... Alas, murals do tend to have a shelf life. The fun is creating them for people who will enjoy them while they last.  

Blue Texture 1.jpeg

NAte's African Sunset

Nathan picked out

pictures from a book on Africa

and supervised my work to make

sure I got everything just right.

I love it when the client

knows what they like... no matter what their age might be.  

Staircase Scene

Sienna Orange - Textured.jpeg
Sienna Orange - Textured.jpeg

This mural on a staircase was particularly challenging to get the math right on the arches due to the curve on the wall. The design elements were all suggested by the client.I enjoy creating what someone wants on the wall.