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     The project will begin with the client emailing the artist or calling with a rough idea of the project, the subject matter and a timeline.

Please keep in mind the artist is usually booked up in advance, though special arrangements can be made at anytime to expedite the project.

The artist will then have a phone consultation with the client.
At this time, a high-resolution digital photograph/s (300 dpi – print quality) or physical photographs will be requested from the client.
Artist may ask for a video call with subject of painting.
After receiving the photo reference, the artist will approve or provide the client with a sketch if necessary.
Upon approval by the client, the artist will email or send a contract to the client.
A signed contract and half of the payment must be made at the start of the project.

The remaining half is due upon final approval and before shipping

Group POrtrAit PAintingS :
     Group portraits – the first figure is full price, each additional figure is 1/3 less than full price.


COMpletioN  &  DeliVeRY :
     Payment can be made via all major credit cards, PayPal and via check or money order upon completion of the painting (usually 2 weeks to 3 months depending on complexity),  balance is due in full prior to shipping.

Your unframed painting can be shipped, delivered, or picked up at our studio. Shipping or delivery cost is responsibility of client.

AdditiONal NeedS fRoM the ArtiSt :
     Travel expenses, the cost of crating and shipping are not included in the contract, and are the responsibility of the client.

All arrangements falling under this category will be discussed before the painting is started and will be included in the contract before initiating the portrait. Framing is also the responsibility of the client.

ACRylic PRicing for PAintinGS :
     At this time Petrina will discuss pricing on an individual project basis for acrylic paintings. Pricing is based on cost of materials, artist endeavors & taxes.


Blue Texture 1.jpeg



Art work from Camera 08 033.jpg


WhaT to eXPeCt, tHe PROCeduRe 


Bringing Your Creative Vision to

SAmple Of CoMiSSioned 


Commissioned Painting -Boat on a Lake

     During the consultation, we discussed what I would change, what she wanted changed, canvas size, where the painting would hang, color intensity, elements in the painting and the amount of details it would have. I wanted to change the boat angle and type.



My Completed Rendition.


Picture given of lake boat to paint

 This photo was provided by the client.

The photo had been taken at an extended family’s lake property.






     Once the painting was finished, it was then presented to the client.

As she was viewing the painting, she began to tell a story of her favorite memory of that lake.

     A weekend getaway with her cousin, they had made a trip across the lake in a boat that looked just like the one in the painting. She had a dream of someday owning that property on the lake.   

She then stated " I just bought that land on the lake ". . . .  

                                             Where her summer home is now built. ❤️ 


CoMMiSSon RequeSt

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"Bringing Your Vision to Life"

Petrina Sharp specializes in Custom Oil & Acrylic paintings.
She custom designs each

order by working with interior designers, architects and patrons.
Petrina also creates murals, faux finishes & faux finish repairs. 

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