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Windswept Liberty

  • “Winswept Liberty” 24”x 48” Oil on canvas

    Introducing "Windswept Liberty", my impression of freedom, strength and the wild spirit of a horse. Able to run free against the wind, its mane and tail flowing in the breeze, with dirt and dust kicking up in his wake on a beautiful day. I have loved horses since I had my first riding lesson at the age of eight. As I was choosing a horse to paint I remembered a horse that looked like this who had stepped on my foot at our first meeting. It was a miracle his 1000 pounds did not break my bones, only left me with a nasty bruise (I never did tell my parents). This did not deter my will to ride him. At that time it was a thrill of liberty and freedom for me to be one with such a huge and beautiful being.
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